Your IT partner
for the digital era.

With 25+ years of experience in IT advisory and implementation, ESW is
here to guide you through major strategic decisions and everyday requests.


Custom-built technology solutions, wherever you are in the IT lifecycle.

Whether you’re beginning your digital transformation, require more IT support, or are looking to optimize your existing technology, we want to help.

Digital Business Transformation

We make an effort to understand your people and your business before making any IT decisions. By diving deep into your unique goals, challenges, and opportunities, we support you to make justified investments in infrastructure, applications, system integration points, and data services.

Business IT Consulting

Start planning your
business IT strategy.


Modern Workplace

Find the best
business technology.


Cloud Solutions

Begin cloud migration or optimization.


Operational IT Management

We work with global technology leaders to support your ongoing IT operations. From project inception to the change management process, ESW works with you to ensure your software architecture enables high user adoption and low business disruption.

Managed IT Services

Speed-up troubleshooting with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)


Managed Print Services

Maintain your entire print fleet with Managed Print Services (MPS)


Field Support

Get in-person Field Support across Canada
and the US


IT Security Management

We predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats with our industry-leading security solutions and advisory services. The ESW remote management facility and our onsite technicians conduct proactive, emergency, and scheduled security maintenance wherever you are in Canada and the US.

IT Security Management

Get peace of mind knowing your business is safe with us.

  1. Assess the security of your IT infrastructure
  2. Implement best-practice cybersecurity solutions and change management
  3. Provide ongoing IT security advisory and incident response services


We’ve got the tools and we’ve got the talent.

We’re a single stop for your technology needs, but beyond the technology – what you’ll really love about us is our people.

We are your partner. That’s how we think of ourselves. And that’s how you’ll come to think of us.

Elevate Tickets

How ESW and Elevate Tickets Transformed the Festival Industry.

With 500+ festivals served and 13+ million tickets sold, ESW helped Elevate Tickets build a secure and scalable payment solution. 


In the modern workplace, digital transformation 
is the name of the game. Make sure you’ve got the right people on your team.

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Focus on core business objectives

Leave IT management and troubleshooting to the experts so your teams can do their best work.

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Improve operational efficiency

Implement robust IT infrastructure to best support your business strategies and corporate goals.

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Mitigate security risk

Protect your data from breaches and reduce the risk of cybersecurity attacks with a dedicated IT security team and solutions.

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Humanize your IT

Get best-practice recommendations and IT answers from real people, not robots.

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