Unsung Hero: Reinventing Elevate Tickets’ Payment Solution.

The Client:

Elevate Tickets is the only platform built specifically for the complex needs of festival producers and operators.

Have you ever noticed the back-end logistics of a music festival? No? That’s because companies like Elevate have it handled. Elevate Tickets is a purpose-built technology platform for festival producers and operators across North America. From core ticketing to access control to on-site support and data reporting, Elevate’s white-label technology solutions and full-service operations ensure festival success from pre-sale to take down. With over 500+ festivals served and 13+ million tickets sold, Elevate is the unsung hero of the festival industry.

The Challenge: Transform to a fully cloud-based ticket and payment solution to accelerate growth

Big picture, Elevate leads the cutting edge of festival technology solutions- both in their back-end festival solutions and in-the-trenches commitment to client success. Managing the ticketing, sales, and entry of the world’s largest festivals requires extensive logistics planning and execution. With as many as 750,00+ guests, Elevate’s technology must scan and accept multiple payments securely and efficiently. 

As automation technology took off and festival demand soared, Elevate needed to scale its ticket and payment system fast. The original design no longer satisfied Elevate’s needs or their customers. They required a committed partner to help them take advantage of a fully cloud-based system.

The Approach:  Find an innovative technology partner

Elevate realized they needed a ticketing and payment solution that could be easily scaled across devices and programs while keeping payment information secure.

The Solution:  Seamlessly transition to a robust cloud-based ticketing system

 JOT Digital, a division of ESW,  partnered with Elevate to implement an integration on top of their credit card system, then migrate and transform to a fully cloud-based infrastructure system.

After auditing Elevates’ existing AWS solution, the JOT team seamlessly migrated Elevate to an end-to-end cloud-based payment solution. By building and maintaining  25 web and supporting servers, JOT  significantly improved the efficiency, performance, and security of the Elevate platform.

The Tech: 

Since partnering with Elevate, ESW’s JOT Digital team has: 

  • Dockerized all web and application servers 
  • Cloudformed an entirely new infrastructure (VPC included)
  • Hosted web servers in AWS Elastic Container Service utilizing FARGATE as the underlying orchestration engine
  • Offloaded sessions to a multi-AZ enabled Redis server
  • Implemented auto-scaling and auto-recovery for unhealthy servers
  • Migrated multiple react front-end applications from the primary web servers to an S3 backed Cloudfront distribution.
  • Enabled continuous integration and deployment using AWS code

The Results: Greater cost savings, reliability, and flexibility

  Elevate’s cloud transformation has led to some impressive results:

  • A cost savings of USD 28,000 per month
  • A more reliable, recoverable, and available system with less downtime and better security
  • Complete control when managing inventory flexibility and pricing

Greater efficiency through tailored IT solutions.

ESW’s JOT Digital team developed a unique solution to help Elevate dramatically improve its ticketing operations and bottom line. By combining IT expertise with business foresight, ESW answered Elevate’s call for support with future-proof cloud solutions.

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