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Cloud for Business, in a Box

What is it?

A quickstart package designed for small business that instantly gives you everything you need for IT infrastructure.
  • Includes all licensing, hosting & support for flat monthly fee
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Shrink/grow month-to-month
  • Scales to any size, overnight

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses

We take care of all operational aspects including security, round-the-clock support, software upgrades, server administration, and data backup ... leaving you with more time to concentrate on the important things - like running your business.

Up to 5 users can be logged in and access at the same time, updating contacts, appointments, tasks, emails, securely saving documents or any other data, in real time.

Optionally launch applications like Word or Outlook directly from the server - full screen, feels like app is installed on local PC but is actually a Remote Desktop session!

Monthly subscription includes

Software Licensing

Server licenses, desktop licenses, latest Microsoft Office suite