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E.S. Williams & Associates Inc. (ESW) is committed to the protection of its co-workers, clients, and community. In fulfilling this commitment, ESW has developed a Pandemic Preparedness program with the objective of supporting precautionary measures, to prevent the spread of any pandemic type disease and viruses ( including the current Covid-19 pandemic ).


ESW has implemented the following measures effective immediately:

This disease containment plan has been developed for ESW under the direction of Senior Leadership. Any worksites will be under the control of the Project Manager as coordinator who will be responsible for dealing with any disease issues and their impact at the workplace. This may include contacting local health department and health care providers in advance and developing and implementing protocols for response to ill individuals.

Co-workers shall be trained through department and safety meetings and other existing communication systems on health issues of the disease to include prevention of illness, disease containment and expectations, initial disease symptoms, preventing the spread of the disease, and when it is appropriate to return to work after illness.

Flexible work policies have been developed including provision for:-

• Co-workers staying at home when ill,
• When having to care for ill family members, or
• When caring for children when schools close, without fear of reprisal.
• Tele-commuting or other work-at-home strategies shall be initiated where possible and practical.

Business continuity plans are in place so that if significant absenteeism or changes in business practices are required business operations can be effectively maintained.
To support our co-workers, they are provided with key contacts and their numbers, support in key communication while tracking the corporate emergency response plan through our Workaware program. They are also advised of our client challenges during a disease outbreak as we are made aware.

To support our clients during a disease outbreak, ESW is to notify our clients in the event of our services being impacted.

Physical distancing is required as part of the protocol to keep space between co-workers to limit the exposure, this includes providing necessary PPE to work together in our offices and our client work sites. We will follow the governmental guidelines as part of our protocol.

We will follow the governmental guidelines as part of our protocol for addressing cleanliness, PPE, etc.
Work surfaces are currently cleaned frequently using normal cleaning products and hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers, tissues, hand soap and disposable towels are provided.

The protocol and communication strategies will be tested periodically as part of the current Emergency Response Plan drills and table-top exercises. Lessons learned will be identified and corrective actions applied.


Updated on: September 16, 2020