Demystifying Cyber Insurance for Your Business



 Tuesday, October 17, 2023  at 12 PM MST


At ESW IT Business Advisors we understand that Cyber Insurance is no longer just a checkbox on a form. It’s a critical component to maintaining a strong IT security foundation. Safeguarding your business against financial losses resulting from a wide range of incidents, including data breaches, system hacking, ransomware extortion payments, and more.

As your trusted IT Consulting company, we’ve been at the forefront of helping businesses like yours navigate the complex world of cyber security and cyber insurance to minimize risk. We recognize that acquiring the right coverage requires the awareness of your security posture to implement and maintain the right foundations of security with your technology, people, and processes.

Join us for our upcoming webcast where we’ll answer your to questions related Cyber Insurance!

Topics Covered:

  • Why do I need Cybersecurity Insurance?
  • Exploring the Benefits of Cyber Insurance
  • Essential Technology, Processes, and Policies for Coverage
  • Understanding the Types of Coverage Available
  • Navigating the Claims Process: How It Works During an Incident
  • Next Steps: How to Secure Your Business with Cyber Insurance

ESW’s Security Practice Lead, Dan Driezen, CISSP, and Travis Wadham, Hub International Commercial Account Executive for Executive and Cyber Risk – will address your pressing questions and more.  Whether you’re a business owner, IT professional, or responsible for your organization’s cybersecurity this webcast is designed to provide valuable insights into the world of cyber insurance and how it can safeguard your business.

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Feel free to bring your questions, as we’ll have a live Q&A session to ensure all your concerns are addressed.

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