Raising The Bar: How ESW Transformed Driftwood Brewery’s Operations

The Client:

In a world of mass production, Driftwood Brewery’s artisan brews are a joy to sip. A craft brewery based on Vancouver Island, Driftwood is known for its locally brewed beer and unique flavour profiles. From their commitment to quality to their whimsical branding, Driftwood has quickly gained a loyal following in BC and beyond.

The Challenge: Scale IT infrastructure to meet growing operational needs.

Like any growing business, Driftwood’s surge in popularity spurred new goals and new challenges at a breakneck pace. They needed to revamp their IT infrastructure to expand their operations and grow their market share across Canada. And fast. 

Driftwood invested in Microsoft Office 365 but wasn’t taking full advantage of the productivity suite.

The Solution: Align business objectives with Microsoft 365 capabilities to streamline internal operations.

ESW led Driftwood through a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) Workshop to align their business needs with Microsoft 365’s technology tools and maximize their investment. Through this immersive experience, the Driftwood Team identified how Microsoft Teams could support document management, remote access, and collaboration across their organization.  

Following the CIE, Driftwood worked closely with an ESW Business Analyst and completed a Microsoft Teams workshop. These initiatives allowed the group to develop specific business use case scenarios to ensure broad and secure end-user adoption. 

The Results: Streamlined communications. Easy collaboration.

ESW’s consults provided a rich framework for Driftwood to develop a governance strategy, methodology, and structure for Microsoft Teams.

As a result, Driftwood was able to: 

  • Better manage file versioning
  • Share documents, calendars, contacts, and mailboxes across sites and departments 
  • Access files from anywhere via mobile 
  • Centralize communications between functional teams (email, text messaging)  
  • Securely store sensitive information with two-factor authentication and encryption
  • Scale IT spend per user
  • Automatically back-up emails, files, and data to the cloud 

Teams transformed the way Driftwood Brewery communicates and collaborates. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, ESW helped Driftwood unlock the full potential of 365, tailoring the tech to Driftwood’s unique business needs and objectives.

It’s time to modernize your workplace.