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why Monitor360

make better business decisions

Good decisions come from good data.

network visibility & control

Enjoy end-to-end visibility & insight like never before.

reduce downtime

We proactively manage your systems so that they stay up & running efficiently.

ensure network integrity

Be certain that your network isn't compromised and smother anything that doesn't comply.

develop consistency

Achieve the elusive goal of hardware, licensing & service consistency throughout your organization.

what is Monitor360

we watch like a hawk

24/7 we are paying attention, so you don't have to.

we work with your IT

We work with your team to build hand-offs and escalations exactly how they want.

Weekly reporting           

Receive weekly email reports to show you system status, changes and overall system health.

Automatically Shrinks/Grows

The number of devices are actively scanned; if you use less devices, you are charged less.

software push

We can push software to desktops, standardizing installations Enterprise-wide.

remote access enablement

Once monitoring is in place, you can simply jump onto just about any device, workstation or server remotely.

Hardware / software inventory

We can provide full reports on not just your network devices, but also serial numbers and overall system health.

software versioning & licensing

Report on Licenses and what software is actually deployed across your network.

hardware & firmware info

Get detailed, hardware specific information as provided by the vendor.

supported devices

Any SNMP device






workstations (PC or Mac)

partial list of monitored items

System uptime


memory usage

Disk space/usage


latency & load testing


component health

windows services


  • Monitor360
  • $19.95per device
  • We watch your systems 24/7 and proactively escalate issues for resolution
  • • 7x24 Phone and email notification of system alerts
    • 4-hour response to alerts
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