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Just one virus is one too many.

why Antivirus360

protect your users and company data

reduce security breaches

Enforced updates limit exposure and reduce risks to your business.

what is AntiVirus360

24/7 monitoring

We constantly monitor your antivirus health and ensure you're not compromised.

real-time detection

As a Virus event occurs, our staff are notified and take immediate action to contain and eliminate the threat.

website/content filtering

Restrict social media & other sites, depending on your policies.

human inspection

Our certified technicians personally check into every event, as it happens.

automatic containment

Our automated systems shut down infected machines to limit damage and thwart virus attacks.

managed updates

We work around your schedule to make sure antivirus is updated after hours and reboots happen without creating downtime.

custom optimized

Our certified technicians customize inclusions/exclusions and tweak settings to ensure your settings are perfectly suited to your organization.

trend analysis & mitigation

We review and make recommendations based on your environment so that you can work worry free, knowing things are taken care of.

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