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Your leading managed IT service provider with reliable IT solutions for  your business.


Managed IT Service Provider

Stay focussed on your core business while our Service Desk handles all your IT concerns.

Tailored to your Specific IT needs

Our Managed IT Services are customized to meet your needs. Some clients don’t have an in-house IT team and need an IT managed service provider who will do it all. Others have an in-house IT team but need support with specific tasks like the Service Desk so they can focus on your strategic IT goals.

We are an IT service provider that can support you at every stage of the spectrum, from IT strategy to a single project to managing your entire IT portfolio.

100% focused Service Desk

Our Service Help Desk is 100% focused on you and solving your IT issues. Supporting you is what we do; it isn’t just part of our duties. Our team answers your call, and has the knowledge and capabilities to immediately help you with your requests.

Quality and timely care

Our Service Desk Analysts are committed to providing quality and timely support. Our triage system assigns the best resources to quickly solve your request. This could be one of the self-service tools developed for the most common issues or an analyst who can solve the issue, either onsite or by remotely connecting to your end-user’s device.

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Leverage our knowledge and experience

We’ve seen and dealt with it all. With more than 20+ years in business as a managed service provider and thousands of clients, we have the rare combination of broad expertise and deep knowledge.

Your new and mysterious IT problem isn’t new to us; we’ve successfully handled it before. We can apply our knowledge and experience to your business and help you achieve your goals.

A 24/7 IT service provider

You always have somebody to call with our emergency 24/7 IT support.

Our technicians are always available to troubleshoot your IT issues. They will analyze and diagnose the problem and then move quickly to restore your system’s functionality, limiting business disruption and downtime.

Your managed IT service provider

If the IT solutions don’t work for your business, people, and processes, then they aren’t real solutions. We work with you to understand your business goals and objectives so we can provide the exact IT solutions and support you need to maximize your business.

We don’t want you to think about your IT. We’ll handle it, and you can keep your focus on your business.

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End-user friendly Service Desk

Our Canada-based Service Desk uses several methods to support your people. We triage every request so that it is matched with the best resource to solve the specific problem. This limits your end-user’s downtime and reduces ticket volume.

User-friendly self-help tools are available for the most common issues. If it can’t be solved that way, our analysts can connect remotely to the user’s device to quickly remedy the situation.

What can our Service Desk do for you?

We provide a comprehensive range of services. They always depend on what your business needs.

Our IT Help Desk services include:

  • Troubleshooting

We will quickly diagnose and solve problems your people are having with your technology.

  • Account management

We make sure your people have the correct access to your applications based on your direction and resolve issues they have with their accounts (resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, etc.).

  • Employee questions

We will answer your employees’ IT-related questions, provide information on IT-related activities, and walk them through how to perform certain IT actions.

  • Request fulfillment

We will respond to your employees’ requests for access to your applications and services using approval processes to maintain the security of your technology.

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