Managed Services

Maintain 360, EDR 360

We deliver expert managed support services to meet all your IT needs, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance for your business.


       Managed Support Services

                                                       Take care of your business while we take care of your IT.

Seamlessly integrate your IT with your business operations.

We use our business and IT expertise to provide the Managed IT Support you need to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Managed support provides 360° IT coverage

Every facet of your IT system is maintained and monitored to ensure smooth business operations.

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Don’t be surprised by your IT ever again

Our systems, processes, and best practices automates system maintenance, has self-healing functionality, and forecasts your future IT needs.

IT support when you need it

We provide 24/7 emergency IT support remotely or onsite. We will diagnose the problem, determine the solution, and quickly implement it to minimize your downtime.

Your business expertise + our managed IT support = technology success

In today’s competitive world, IT is a mission-critical component of your business. Stress less knowing your IT is taken care of with our Managed Support Services.

Everything we do has a purpose: to help you succeed.


Your business, your IT

You’re in the driver’s seat. We empower and enable you to make informed technology decisions. Choose the Managed Support Services that will make the most significant impact on your business.

Everything is tailored to your needs. Do you need an IT strategy built from the ground up? Or do you need someone to support your in-house IT team? We can do both and everything in between.

Our offerings include:

  • Service Desk

Save time and reduce ticket times with our Canada-based Service Desk. We triage tickets, matching them with the best resource to quickly solve issues.

  • Emergency IT services

We are available 24/7 to help you with your IT emergency. Our technicians will diagnose your problem, determine the solution, and quickly implement it. We can do this remotely or onsite.

  • Regular maintenance

Keep your IT up-to-date with regularly scheduled maintenance done after business hours to limit disruption and mitigate risk.

You will be assigned a Primary Technician to proactively ensure your IT system receives all the required security and system updates, patches, and upgrades. They will then test the maintenance and make sure you’re fully up-to-speed once again.

Our system also continually monitors your technology to identify potential problems and automatically addresses them, so they don’t negatively impact your business.

  • Forecasting your IT needs

Know the IT challenges you will face before they become a problem for your business operations. By monitoring your system, we can identify your future IT concerns and provide support to limit disruption and resolve potential issues.

  • Ongoing automated IT support

Our technology continually scans your IT to ensure optimal performance. If a threshold isn’t met, our system automatically issues an alert. When this happens, our tools will either automatically resolve the issue or escalate the alert to our technicians to resolve.

  • Cybersecurity

We continually monitor your IT system for threats. We detect, respond to, and neutralize cyber threats to your business.

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