Managed IT Security Solutions

Keep your business safe today and tomorrow.


Gain peace of mind for you and your stakeholders with ESW’s managed security

IT technician troubleshooting a serverWe provide ongoing management, insights, and communication of managed IT security best practices to protect you and your stakeholders’ information and data.

Reduced financial risk

There are significant costs associated with one successful cyber security attack, including:

  • Data recovery and business continuity expenditures
  • Lost revenue due to downtime
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Fraudulent transactions

Working with us to strengthen your IT security, you lower the financial risks that result from a security breach.

Lower financial risks – strengthen your IT security with us today!


Better business continuity

Our backup and disaster recovery services allow you to get back to business sooner, with minimal downtime, after a security breach.

Government, industry and insurance compliance

Our thorough security assessment identifies gaps in your IT security. We then help you eliminate these gaps, so your business is more secure and you’re in compliance with your industry and insurance.

Protect your reputation

From day one of your business, you are building your reputation. A single security breach can severely damage the dependable reputation you’ve spent so long developing. Once you have lost your client’s trust, especially if it involves a breach of personal data, it may take years to regain it.

We work with you to provide managed IT solutions that support your business and protect you and your clients. You are protecting your reputation by mitigating your security risks and safeguarding your business.

Productive and secure

We work with you to ensure that your cyber security processes work for you. You can’t have a security system that is so cumbersome it impedes your people’s ability to work. And you can’t have one that is too lax and leaves you vulnerable. We help you strike the right balance between a productive and secure IT system.


More than technology

When most people think of managed security, they only think of the technological end of things. While this is important, we understand that good cyber security is more than robust firewalls.

We know it starts with your people, with their ability to use your IT safely and identify threats. This is why we provide ongoing cybersecurity education and training for your employees.

Another layer of protection we provide is the development of policies and procedural controls to secure your informational assets against threats and vulnerabilities.

A managed IT solutions partnership you can trust

We don’t just design your cyber security program and then leave. We are with you every step of the way. We create your plans with continual evaluation and improvement, with checkpoints, reassessments, and milestones to make sure you stay on top of your cyber security, for today and tomorrow.

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