Microsoft 365 Defender helps you protect what matters most.

Safeguard your business with leading cybersecurity best practices. Spend less time worrying about cyber threats so you can operate with confidence.



Do you know where your organization is vulnerable?

Cyber threats are continually evolving. And so are the methods you use to defend against them. Stay secure and up-to-date with your regulatory, legal, and organizational needs with Microsoft Defender.

When did you last review your security measures or update your processes?


Why Choose Microsoft Defender?

  • Peace of mind with Microsoft Defender. Identify and stop emerging threats against your sensitive data using next-generation anti-virus and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) protection. Recover from cyber attacks with automated investigation and remediation.
  • Protect your people, data, and infrastructure. Defender offers integrated, end-to-end protection. This includes identity, security, compliance, device and server management, and privacy protection.
  • Educate your team: Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Stay current with training and take advantage of resources curated by Microsoft experts.
  • Identify weaknesses that pose the most risk. Discover issues that pose the most urgent and highest risk to your business with threat and vulnerability management.
  • Avoid reputational damage. Scale your security operations and prevent cyber attacks before they impact you and your customers.

The ESW Advantage


We have more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. Protect your data, devices, applications and infrastructure. As a Microsoft Partner, we have the latest best practices and Defender plans to support you. We have Microsoft and industry certified experts, including Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP).

What support do you get? 

Our “Trusted Advisor” process looks like this:

  • We begin with a Security Assessment to discover your current security posture. Why do we start there? With today’s digital transformation, many organizations rely on Microsoft 365 Cloud technology to run their businesses. Our assessments examine the critical workloads (i.e. email, files, systems) no matter where they are located. 
  • We perform a Gap Analysis and compare our findings to your requirements based on factors such as industry-standard security frameworks, insurance, contractual obligations, regulatory specifications, and legislative requirements.
  • We create a future roadmap to close the gap. We help you understand your options, from technical controls to processes.
  • You get monitoring and alerting. Microsoft Defender continues to evolve and provide visibility into modern cyber threats as they advance.
  • Specific enhancement fit for (your) purpose. We build a customized continuous improvement strategy into the roadmap.
  • We can help you understand your risks and decide which solution is best for your organization to reduce your risk.

Still have questions? This short video may help to put what we do into perspective.