Managed Print Solutions

Printing is often an unexamined cost center brimming with opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Get an accurate and complete picture of your printing infrastructure, use, and costs with a managed print services solution.

It will reduce costs and increase efficiency, letting you spend energy on your business goals instead of fussing with your printing devices and processes.


Right-size print solutions, big results.

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Protect your business

Printers are easy access points for hackers. Guard your data, documents, and people with our multi-layer defense solutions.

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Gain spend control

Reveal hidden printing costs to measure and control cash spend while managing and measuring ROI down to the user level.  

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Reduce down-time

Eliminated old redundant equipment with the latest technology in the industry, combined with software solutions to ensure maximum up-time through follow-me print and secure cloud print solutions.

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Digital onramp

Digitize and workflow paper-based information with secure ECM applications directly from your multi-function print devices to a secure destination with ease!

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Take the load off your IT

Hand over the heavy lifting. From workflow strategy to printer maintenance to supply orders,
we do it all.

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Simplify vendor management

Increase your purchasing power by standardizing your print infrastructure to a few trusted partners.

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Good Data = Better Decisions

With a managed print solution, getting an accurate view of costs and usage IS possible.

Printing expenses, processes, and responsibilities are often spread across a company with no way to consolidate the information.

Get the actual cost of your printing environment with managed print services solutions. It monitors and tracks your fleet, consolidating the information and bringing it all to one spot.

Knowing and understanding your infrastructure and usage is critical to improving your printing process. You can continually make adjustments to improve your printing environment by monitoring, tracking, and reporting.


Understand Your Printing Infrastructure

Managed print services solutions let you know exactly how many devices you have, their condition, and how much they are used.

With the information gathered, you can:

  • Strategically place devices to serve the right amount of people, maximizing the device’s use and increasing employees’ efficiency by limiting the time spent getting to an available printer.
  • Schedule maintenance and replacement based on actual wear and tear rather than “guesstimates.”
  • Proactively manage device updates and patches to make the printing process more efficient.
  • Identify problems before they occur.

Get to Know Your Usage & Supplies

Lower your costs by understanding your device usage and your supply consumption.

Using reports supplied by the printing solution, you can:

  • Eliminate overstocking OR running out by automating supply ordering or starting just-in-time inventory management — removing supply issues.
  • Identify departments with high usage and determine ways to lower it.
  • Find underused and overused devices.
  • Continuously improve by adjusting your printing based on information discovered in real-time monitoring and tracking.



Respond Quickly to Your Business Needs

Managed print solutions are flexible and scalable, so you can proactively respond to changing printing demands.

You can:

  • Monitor and identify, down to individual end users, which departments are heavy users, if you believe one department has high usage or if you suspect misuse.
  • Automate redirection of a print job to the most cost-effective device based on the job or if the selected device is “down.”
  • Set company-wide protocols for processes such as 2-sided, colour, and bulk printing.

As your business evolves, real-time monitoring and tracking help determine when and if you need to change your processes or infrastructure.


Increase Sustainability

Managed print service solutions help you find areas for improved sustainability.

Increased visibility and the ability to control access lets you:

  • Evaluate paper and energy use.
  • Identify areas for reduction.
  • Implement sustainability policies (e.g., paper use policy).
  • Limit wasteful printing.
  • Use the different energy-use modes the managed print solution offers.

Improved Privacy & Security

Defend against unauthorized access to networks and documents.

Managed print solutions increase your privacy and security in a multitude of ways:

Encrypt your print data.

Proactively manage your security patches.

Identify older devices that have outdated security features which leave you vulnerable.

Document Security

Build document security into your process by tailoring a variety of possible controls to stop documents from ending up in the wrong hands:

  • Print permissions
  • Automatic watermarks
  • Device access control
  • Secure on-demand print release

We help our clients in-person or remotely from one of our locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Grande Prairie, AB, and Fort St. John and Victoria, BC.

What our clients are saying.

Working with ESW is such an enjoyable experience. From the initial proposal stage to onboarding to dealing with daily IT matters, the entire team is just a pleasure to interact with. The office admin staff are so pleasant and engaging and the techs are knowledgeable and always manage to find a solution. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire ESW team. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch IT support.

SynergyAspen Environmental

The Town of View Royal on Vancouver Island selected ESW IT Business Advisors in 2019 because we were looking for a managed service provider that could provide a depth of technical expertise. We appreciate ESW’s coordinated approach to meeting our needs for a responsive service desk, hardware refresh planning, procuring and implementation, and professional advice on strategic planning, information security and information technology best practices. Being a small municipality with little in-house IT capacity, ESW provides value by filling the gaps for a reasonable cost.

Kim Anema
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of View Royal


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