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Brainstorm online video learning system

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get more from Office365

Get the most from your investment by learning how to use what you already own.

custom-tailored curriculum

Build your own skill paths, or choose from the many proficiency templates available.

training that actually engages

Brainstorm uses points & badges to stoke competitive spirit, letting people learn at their own pace but in a motivating environment.

find shortcuts & hidden gems

Discover startling new ways to do things that you never knew existed.

trusted by millions (and microsoft)

Microsoft's uses Brainstorm to train their employees on their own products! Brainstorms has proven results for over 4 millions users.

learn almost any microsoft app

Brainstorm's huge library is frequently updated and covers hundreds of Microsoft applications.

don't get left in the dust

Brainstorm helps users adopt to change and learn how to effectively use the tools they already have at their fingertips. Build resume & professional skills with Microsoft proficiency.

online portal

Login anytime and learn at your own pace.

in-depth reporting

Login anytime and get deep reporting on engagement, points & badges and curriculum progress.

searchable & sharable

Search the complete library and easily share with other members your likes, interests and accomplishments!

create your own skill paths

customize a learning path for your entire company, ensuring everyone is on the same page with the same tools.

"I am a learning computer."

Brainstorm uses Artificial Intelligence to dynamically adjust curriculum to suit each users' strong & weak points.