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"Thrift is of great revenue."

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

We assess your IT costs




Web hosting


Domain name


We help reduce your costs

Archive data

We will help you move data to long term, cheap storage and free up unnecessary disk usage & backup costs.

assess disk usage

We identify & review with you large files/data that consume a lot of unnecessary space.

Use Cloud

The cost case behind Cloud is well proven to have a lower TCO than on-premise.

Discounted Rates

SLA customers get 20% labor discounts and special pricing on hardware & software.

Best Practices

A lot of time can be spent reactively patching & fixing systems. Our standardized, Best Practices approach means you spend less time messing around and more time working.

Consistent Billing

Tired of surprise bills? We offer flat-rated Service Level Agreements so you know your costs to a penny, every month.

Get more from what you already own

Use what you already own more effectively.

Do you use shared OneNote notebooks for Customer/Meeting notes? Do you use Outlook Tasks to track Team deliverables & priorities? Do you use OneDrive to share company files between users? Do you review your website analytics?