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ESW in the News

July 12, 2015

oCAL mobile app for sync'ing SharePoint contacts & calendars now available!

oCAL mobile app for sync'ing SharePoint contacts & calendars now available!, an award winning Microsoft partner and end to end technology provider including IT support, marketing and mobile application development, announced today the release of their first in-house mobile app oCAL, which greatly enhances the Microsoft SharePoint user experience on Apple iOS devices.

oCAL is a business productivity tool that lets iOS users seamlessly sync Office 365 SharePoint contacts & calendars with their device, getting around the annoyance & poor user experience of having to open a separate, sandboxed application to view them.

oCAL operates as a background service and constantly polls SharePoint for changes. It also supports Office 365 Active Directory security policies and removes SharePoint content if their access is revoked or their account is deleted.

At this time, contacts & calendars sync'd to the device are read-only, and there is only support for Office 365 SharePoint. On-premise SharePoint support and 2-way sync are on the development plan as next steps.

"iOS users can finally enjoy a proper SharePoint experience and use their device like they always do" says ITnorth managing partner Akos Zsufa, "which is a big win for Microsoft on the Apple platform. In addition, to celebrate the Microsoft World Partner conference taking place right now in Orlando, Florida, we are giving away oCAL for free for a limited time."


For more information contact

Mike Tanyi, VP Marketing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last modified on March 5, 2016