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3 Tips To Help Get the Most from Microsoft Teams

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If you are a small business or a large organization using Microsoft 365 or Office 365, you have probably heard about Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t, Teams is Microsoft's latest communication and collaboration platform designed as a hub for bringing together departments, staff, and business partners.

For businesses looking at Teams, wondering if they should take the plunge, or if you're just starting at looking to dip a toe into these new, exciting waters, here are a few tips we have learned to drive adoption and help make your rollout successful!


Tip #1: Roll out Microsoft Teams gradually:
Whether you start with just a couple of workloads (i.e. Chat, Online Meetings), or pilot groups, your organization will gain a better understanding of the business use needs with a more methodical, gradual roll out. As an example, if your business would like to use the pilot group approach, we recommend you select people who collaborate on a regular basis. Pilot groups can potentially consist of a department group, project team, or people working on a common initiative. This group can help identify how Teams will enhance and improve the business process.

ESW has options to get a small group started with a Teams, right now.


Tip #2: Use Channels to Focus Company Discussions and Workstreams
“Channels” is where the work gets done inside of Microsoft Teams. A Channel should be thought of as topics or priorities that help the team organize work and deliver their objectives. While there is no specific number of channels, we recommend not having a too many or else information can become fragmented. To help focus the discussion a channel naming convention should also be considered and if possible, follow an overall governance structure. This will help members easily navigate between their different teams and channels.


Tip #3: Keep Collaboration Organized by Creating Governance Measures
While Microsoft Teams is exciting, and we want organizations to take full advantage. It’s still critical to safeguard internal data and ensure collaboration aligns with business policy. Some workflows in Teams may not align with your current data and privacy guidelines, therefore adjustments may need to be made. To meet this objective, we believe it is critical to develop a Governance Strategy and Policy for Teams. While this make take some time to develop, it will be worth it!


Bonus Tip! Thought Starters for Governance Strategy and Policy for Microsoft Teams:

  1. Have an agreed upon understanding of why a team should be created and a standard process for requesting/ provisioning a Team.

  2. Determine which content in Teams is saved, archived or deleted as per the organizations retention policy.

ESW IT Business Advisors has been helping businesses rollout teams since its inception. In addition to having a shared corporate vision for how Microsoft Teams will assist with accomplishing business goals.

Whether you are just getting started with Teams or looking to optimize your existing implementation, please do not hesitate to connect with ESW IT Business Advisors to learn more about best practices. Visit for more info.

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