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Measure twice, cut once.

We use mindmapping as a core tool for breaking down projects into clear requirements.

Complete project visibility

You're never in the dark with our online project management system, so you know the real time status of every task and who's holding the ball.

From stem to stern

You can't separate IT from online marketing, so ITnorth is uniquely positioned as an expert both in infrastructure as well as digital strategy.

More than just pretty

It's easy to make something pretty, difficult to make it compelling. We help you pitch your business effectively and maximize your close rate.

Easy to understand proposals

No crazy tech talk here - our proposal breakdowns give you a clear understanding on where your budget is going.

Technically sound

Our roots are in IT support & software development, enabling us to architect well integrated, scalable solutions beyond what most web developers are capable of.

Online Project Tracking

The key to a successful project is being organized.

Our customers can view project tasks, priorities & budget all online in real time.

Never again be in the dark about what's going on, and be able to track progress every step of the way.

Professional Project Management

We have dedicated Project Managers that ensure the job is held to standards & budgets, every step of the way. We're not happy until you're happy.