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Course Length: 3 hours (One session)

Description: This course is designed for anyone wanting clarification on the application of GST/HST, Employment Standards and Worker's Compensation.

Next Start Date:  Unknown

Registration Deadline: None

Course Fee: $95 plus tax

Manual: No Manual Required


GST Information for Registrants

  • Do you need to register?
  • Remittance Periods
  • Zero and Exempt Supplies
  • Cross border transactions

PST Information for Registrants

  • Do you need to register?
  • What is Taxable?
  • Cross border transactions

BC Employment Standards

  • A review of the provincial minimum requirements

BC Worker's Compensation

  • Do you need to register?
  • Sole Proprietor vs. Corporation
  • Hiring Subcontracts
  • Cross border work





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