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Experienced Government IT vendors

Municipalities, Districts & Cities

For government entities, there are few things more important than a dependable and secure computer network. With civil employees working around the clock and with multiple departments relying upon the network infrastructure, there is never a good time for sever crashes or accessibility problems. As such, every city and district requires 100% reliable IT services.

There’s no reason for you or any of the city’s many employees to ever experience problems due to server crashes, inadequate accessibility, security breaches or lost records and data.

ESW has years of experience working with Districts and Municipalities. Our managed IT solutions and services can meet all of your specific needs; you’ll enjoy higher levels of productivity and efficiency across the numerous departments tied into your network


We respond quickly to your 1st level IT support needs, and communicate with external vendors as needed.

We speak their language and work quickly to resolve issues that otherwise would prolong downtime.


Comply with regulatory requirements by enforcing processes & ensuring all required reports and data is at your fingertips.


If systems go down, you bleed by the second - it just can't happen!

Ensure your infrastructure is designed by Professionals and your Disaster Recovery plan is solid.


Make more, with less - by implementing efficient systems you reap the rewards with lower overhead, streamlined operations & consistent output.


Whether it's hackers or internal leaks, we know how to control & audit access to your systems - keep your confidential data, confidential.

Case Study

"When we approached ESW to help us out, we had no support resources, did not know why our systems were crashing and had not budgeted for an expensive system upgrade. They immediately stabilized our environment, designed a system that is robust, delivering immediate response and introduced us to flexible licensing offerings. Our staff are 25 to 50 percent more efficient with the new systems and we have peace of mind about moving forward."

Shelly Woolf CFO City of Dawson Creek